Advice on the Real estate path for Interns

Interns- should you wait to do your NQF4 qualification?
The EAAB requires that all interns comply with the following:
📚 To complete their NQF4 qualification
📚 To complete their logbook
📚 To write the PDE4 exam
📚 To serve a one year internship period- calculated form the date of issue of your 1st FFC.
The above must be done within 2 years.
Many interns are advised to serve the internship period first and then embark on their qualification.
This is such poor advice. The qualification is not a walk in the park and doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a process.
Furthermore it empowers the intern with essential theoretical knowledge to put into practice.
The logbook is built over a few months. If you complete your qualification 1st many of the items required for the logbook has already been complied and can just be added in,
The PDE4 cannot be written before the logbook has been accepted by the EAAB. It can only be submitted from the 13th month after date of 1st registration. So why the rush?
The qualification also has to be complete.
Hence you will only obtain full status once you’ve jumped through all the hoops!
Moral of the story: start with the qualification upon entry into the industry.
Knowledge is power and creates confidence!