RPL Course (Recognition of Prior Learning)

For the experienced estate agents who currently have a Fidelity Certificate and did their internship after the 16th of July 2008, we recommend this RPL Course. These agents will be required to keep a logbook and to create a PoE (Portfolio of Evidence.) It is imperative that these interns finalise their PoE before the 30 July 2015, otherwise they will be deregistered as agents.

This course will ensure that intern agents receive recognition for past experience without having to start a course from scratch. To receive this recognition, the agent has to provide evidence of experience within the field to be evaluated and compared with the requirements needed.

The Xoliswa Tini Training Academy has developed a program which evaluates your skills and knowledge to ensure that you meet all requirements needed to qualify.

The duration of the course is between 3 and 4 months and concludes after the completion of the Professional Designation Exam. This will qualify you to have a full status agent title. The cost of the Recognition of Prior Learning course is R4500 and includes all materials and resources required.

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